They Hurt Me-March 2011


           21st March 2011, it was around 10 minutes to 5pm and the guy in the dayroom started shouting 6 man team on the pod!  Then the section gate popped Into F. That is where I live on 2 row 8/cell. And they are coming up the stairs looking my way. Then they turned and go down the run to the 2 row cross over that joins E and F section. They cross over to stand in front of 70 cell they have the gas mask and gas cans ready to go with the extraction team all suited up, Helmets and pads with a Lg. Shield.
           They order Lee Taylor down out of the window and to the front of his cell for a strip search and removal out of 70 cell.

           Why are they doing this to him? Because the State of Texas wants to kill him and they gave him a date for June 16th, Why did they have to bring the extraction team? Because he asked to see the sunset!  In Death watch there is a building there so you can’t look out to watch the sunset.  He stripped out and came out of his cell, now he is refusing to walk.. So they pick him up and take a few steps then drop him and pile on top! He’s shouting “I only wanted to watch the sunset!!!  This is crazy Big Will” Because I was shouting to get off of him. I was helpless to help him. As they picked him back up and started walking down the run to the top of the stairs, he was shouting “your breaking my wrist, your braking my wrist” and was thrashing to make them stop hurting him. They drop him at the top step (T, Tully) says “well if you’d just walk”, showing they were trying to hurt him and cause him pain.  I was shouting, God knows what  because I was so overcome with emotion I was crying and shouting what I remember – “I will make you pay” and you are taking him so they can kill him.  I wanted out of my cell so bad to try and help my friend…. I grabbed the door through the screen and began to pull and pull and pull jerking the door until my hands and fingers bleed.  I watched them carry him down the stairs head first.. I was crying and could not shout any more, his last words were of Love for his friends.  I could not even shout back, I was so over come with emotions.  (Big Will, Rick, Tool, Mark, Psycho, then  he was gone!
           I could only cry and pace my floor like a caged animal.  I could only think of how helpless and sad I was to watch my friend be done that way.   How humane was that?  He just wanted to watch the sunset…. And they call us the monsters!!!!  What would it have hurt to let him stay there another hour or 2. He was going to go peacefully… He just wanted to watch his last sunset!  To see the sky line full of color and beauty. The trees just setting it off perfectly as the blues changed into pinks, purples, oranges and yellows and the sun slowly creeping out of sight. That was all he wanted to see… I did watch it and I’ve never seen a sunset more beautiful before and he didn’t get to see it… I know the sunset calmed him and gave him peace. It gave him a feeling of life and all that was alive.
           So I know for him he lost a lot more than just a sunset… He lost the very thing he had grasped on to over the years. Which was the sun taking away with it all his worry, pains, frustrations and fears as it set… And for me a sunset will never be JUST a sunset again…

My regards and respects to you and yours!


Will Speers.