25TH-28TH August 2011

25th August 2011

I woke up to grinding and went to the door to see what is going on, well the welding team is on the pod welding up all te cell doors rat hole, it was a hole at the bottom of the door we would put our trash out of, now we have to hold on to it and put it out when they open the door or open the bean slot/tray slot. Just another thing to make life difficult.

26th August 2011

Things have been building up here, This administration has been doing all type of stuff to opress us. Over the last 6-9 months they’ve taken our razors because of something that happened on another unit, they closed the slot on the showers, what messed up on that is they are stuffy with mould growing on the walls and people with asthma or just have a hard time breathing sometimes really have the worst! I know there has been a few times I got dizzy and needed that cool air to help me. I know what my problems come from (my high blood pressure) then they drilled holes in the plexiglass window and that helped not as good as we’d like but it’s far better than nothing. Another bad thing on that closing the slots is now theres no place to put our towels and boxers, so I talked to the warden (lester) and dont you know this dude told me to put my stuff on the floor, I’m like are “are you serious” and he was, so we still have to wrestle with that issue, as theres nothing to hang our things on in the shower. We’ll see maybe this new Major will help?

27th August 2011

The new major has come in with his rules and his ways as I said before it only gets worse not better. No passing anything, not a book, not a magazine, not a newspaper, no food nothing. All to make our lives more ( difficult) punishment because there are people out there who HATE, people who do not want us to even have a stamp to write our Mothers! That was from Rob Wills case, the Mother of the man. Others said, we should not have anything but a bible and death. Again Warden Lester was in that Group! He’s gone now so who know’s what will happen. But nit picking is pushing people to violence again, they cant take it, dont put your wet clothes up, put on your tshirt at rec even outside with record breaking heat, 24 days in a row of 100 plus temp 103- 107, don’t cover your window, even though covering the window helps keep heat out, just like people put window screens in their cars! And medical is so slow now it takes a month to see medical then once we see them we still dont get the help we asked for. Its very frustrating

28th August 2011

Well its happening. The dam is crashing down, a few days ago C.Wilkens (Cujo) tried to dart a Lt, he’s just had enough, no pictures on the walls, not even on large envelopes, they call it contraband, nit pick, nit pick, you say no pictures on the wall so a guy puts them on a envelope and they want to take it and call it contraband. With all the other things Ive been saying hes gone gone off.

The food is getting worse too, what is sad I found out today they did not feed cujo for 3 days I know all about the “punishment tactics” they use here. You ask for elp and nobody knows cuz they stop your mail, no I-60s grievance get through anyway, or delayed– like in A-19 cell its the law that ALL inmates have access to use a fan. But they deny access to an electrical plug because they say its a level 3 cell, well even level 3 needs an electrical plug for the use of the fan!

I am filing on it now, my step 2 will go out this week!


Always with my best to you and Yours