12th July 2011

2th July 2011

Not a lot going on still on lock down. Jonny’s only leave you hungry but not starving now.
The new major here showing his face. The water was off almost all day today… got turned back on or should be back on around 4am of the 13th, as it’s 3:12 and they said its about to come on soon! So that’s that, now why, well 2 stories officers say it was a pipe here at the unit maintenance say it was the water comp putting in a new filter who knows! Come on water and come on jonny’s I’l tell y’all living in a room with a toilet is a blessing and a curse. Blessing cuz its always just right there, curse because it is just right there and you cant get away from it! Ppwwwwwwwwwwuuuuu! I turned in a grievance cause of the plate over the electrical plug…. not giving me a cell power! You should write the ombudsman about it, that, because my complaints don’t count