21st - 23rd Sept 2011

21st September 2011

Today they killed a man

They killed L.Brewer Aka Butters they killed him because he was apart of a violent murder, the dragging of a man chained to a truck, they made it a Race Crime and in a way it was but not what people think or believe. What it really had to do with character, and they took it to an extreme, under the Ideology you wrong me so I can do you no wrong, it is understod, Like to nuke a paper boat, totally over kill- But Butters was not the person he was made out to be,. He was funny and he will be missed very much. RIP Butters

22nd September 2011

Love is many things to many people. But the Romantic love has no boundarys, no Race, No age, no Gender. Only in ones mind do boundaries excist. It is proven time and time again, sure we can get in to ideologys about right and wrong but again they are boundarys that are imposed, due to religion or law, yet the love still is there. So let us be right or let us be wrong,but above all Let Us Love.

23rd September 2011

After thinking about it, it does not have to be only romantic but just love. Yet we are taught about Hate only because it must be identified- See to “lie or to hate never has to be taught they are natural Human (reactions)

I remember as a boy I lied out of fear, I was not taught to lie and hate comes from jealousy, at the root of it anway. I had been taught and learned so much about race, Yet it is my choice to act in the end-- positive or negative. I am Not a racist, but I am very prejudice. I Hate stupid people-- Its about character, either you are good people, or your not! There are bad people in all races and action does not define who one is! To judge is easy to walk in their shoes is another issue all together. SO take care and think about it.

Will Speer