10th July 2011

          Well I’m still here riding the roller-coaster of life. Man this thing is crazy! Up and down with some serious twist and turns, fast then slow well some times I don’t know if I’m going forward or backward sometimes I get so confused. But my confusion only comes due to lack of information! Sooooooo with that we put one foot forward and move on. Angel Will has got a few bumps and bruises but I’m ok.

          We have a lot of changes that will becoming her soon, A new Major, Don’t know his name yet. I only know hes Black and from Dyball (?) 600 man unit , boy is he in for a rude awakening with this place. But I am interested in meeting him. As the minister who used to come see me worked there as the Chaplin but he does not come here any more, something to do with his $ got cut off from the church so thats that. (sad face) I miss Tom but anyway.

          Also warden Lester has gone, so now we got a new warden coming and a new major, well see how that goes! I hope well but it’s always bad we’l lose something else that their way of showing authority, to take and take and take, look what can I do. Not happy there, anyway, but on a positive side, my I.D was lost and thats not the positive. What is the Sgt who looked into it knows it is not my fault and is going to see about helping me get a special stamp spend so that is a good thing! Yay! Something good for Angel Will (smile) I am also looking forward to level one. I will have been on level for over 8 months! I miss the radio and sports and seriously I miss my dictionary sooo bad! It was rather surprising to me to know all these words yet blunder over spelling them. I’m so much a better talker than I am a writer- Theres no, or (parenthesis) or anything in talking. Ok I stop myself sound stupid, but it is good I can poke fun at myself besides it’s better I poke fun at myself than you, cuz if you poke me I’l either laugh cuz im ticklish or try to bite you cuz you poked me the wrong way lol I’m like a dough boy poke giggle giggle and I used to go by (stay puff) like the marshmallow man from ghost buster lol . But I quit going by that cuz of well (personal sad reasons) If you ask me I’l tell you. It’s just not for here! Anyway not much else on my mind so I guess I’ll go and draw a little and then read Oh did I write we are on lock down yes, they locked the unit down on june 5dth word is 30 days OMG! I hope not I’l hate it living on jonneys will not make me a happy camper. Il keep you posted

by Angel Will