21st JULY 2011

21st July 2011

It is really sad how some of us can be happy for another human being getting killed. Mark Stroman was killed yesterday and there were people who were happy about it. You know there’s a coupe things on that one, what does it really say about the so called normal person who was happy about that? Chew on that!

But, I’ll tell yo this, there was a guy here whom used to get me shook down all the time to get my cell tore up, and he would blow the power out when a couple of us would listen to shows together. I had so much anger, towards this guy, that I had said when he gets a date I’m going to throw a spread to celebrate…..Well guess what he got a date and I didn’t throw a spread. So I said when they kill him I’l do it– well it came down to the last day and they took hi out to go kill him and even though I still didn’t like the dude I could not bring myself to celebrate.. now thats good but what’s even better is he got a last min stay and is still alive to this day, and you know what I still don’t like the guy but I don’t hate him and I don’t wish him death! Really I forgive him and move on.

Now for Mark Stroman I saw him on the 16th 4 days before his date and he was smiling so big he was happy, and not letting this drag him down, that smile and that memory will be how I remember Mark Stroman. But for some the horrible memory they will have is of him dying and being dead on the gurney. I hope nothing but the best for all the familys’ that have lost a loved one to the State Killing them.

Much Love
Will Speer