Probs at Polunsky

The food was better than thanksgiving! Guys are being put on level 3 cells with NOTHING! Wilkins and Cobb are on level with Nothing,,NO mat, No clothes, No toilet paper, Nothing over 12 days. Officers covered the doorup so no one could see in the cell. Wheres the humanity yes they broke the rules but the admin, is braking the laws!! They are going to take our multi outlets cuz they can. They are taking our ear plugs so now it will be ward to block out the noise. Officers open and close doors every 30 minutes slamming gates, that will be bad. Help us complain to the ombudsman. I am calling out asking for help, Please leave a comment telling me you will help speak out with us.


Thank you to all you who left a message or sent a card at christmas to me I love all the encouragement, Your support is truly helpful.


Will speer


sample letter to send

sample letter to send to the following please write separate letters to each of the following, or fax also put your name and address and sign and date your letters, thankyou


Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Executive Director

Brad Livingston

PO Box 99

Huntsville TX 77342

Phone: 936-437-2101

Fax: 936-437-2123




Deputy Executive Director

Bryan Collier

PO Box 99


TX 77342

  Phone: 936-437-6251

Fax: 936-437-8925






Debra Booker

PO Box 99


TX 77342


Phone: 936-437-8035

Fax: 936-437-8067






It seems that the situation deteriorates more and more at the Polunsky Unit. The living conditions are already very difficult and do not respect human dignity; a minimum right to be accorded to all. Riots take place regularly every day due to protests of prisoners certainly, but every day, a shocking and unnecessary rule is imposed to oppress some more prisoners. Be aware that some staff do not accept the idiocy and absurdity of a person's behavior and excessive unhealthy named Mc Mullin, the new Major!


It is time to react and make the right decisions to curb the escalation of violence and harassment at the Polunsky Unit. Deprivation of personal effects, drastic reduction in food, delay in the mail, excessive use of tear gas, cut hot water, manic behavior of some staff are... well recognized. However, it is not necessary to add more to what is already inhuman. Keep in mind that these are men and women convicted, innocent perhaps for some of them, and serving their sentences or await death, the punishment was given and is applied. Needless to treat them worse.

As an authority, you must set an example to be credible in the eyes of all. Be aware that the spotlight is focused on Polunsky Unit more and more...

I personally ask you to take immediate actions to stop this unacceptable situation.

I appreciate your attention to this critical matter and look forward to hearing from you.



"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights"

Section 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights