Protests 5th May 2011-14th may 2011

5th May 2011                                  OFF DEATH ROW    LEVEL 3 F-POD

                   I was so looking forward to a special (lunch tray) today and it was trash! I told my comrade we need more people to go on hunger strike cuz that’s the only time the food really does get better, but as soon as no one is on hunger strike its back to trash.
May 5th is a holiday here in Texas, it has to do with the Alamo, Sad story really but hey what ever gets us good food works for me, except we got no good food.
Well its later in the evening and I see the staff are so short handed that a Sgt (Sgt Beverly) has to work on the pod as a pod officer—Inmate Robert Will is scheduled to go to rec, the Sgt. is in a pissy mood for having to work on the pod, so he is giving Rob Will a hard time. They are going back and forth when Sgt.Beverly shouts at Rob will  “I don’t care about you or your homeboys, They are going to kill y’all anyways”   That caused the whole section to go off. The Lt, came on the pod  and removed the Sgt. The pod was now settling down and everything was going good. They came and got me and put me in the shower, as I finished with my shower drying off I hear Sgt. Beverlys voice again, So I lookout tthe little window and ask the other officer Kelly who is that?  He tells me it is Sgt. Beverly  I give a deep sigh, thinking back to what he had just said,  a couple hours ago.
As I’m being hand cuffed to come out of the shower, the Sgt. puts (LEG IRONS) on my wrists, and he puts them on very loose too. So as i came out the left hand slipped off into my hand and I panicked as the shower door was opening, So I punched Sgt Beverly in the face the other officer jumped on me and tey took me to the ground while I was down on the ground Sgt Beverly pulled his can of gas (mace) and sprayed me in the face.  He sprayed it so close the splash got all over the other officer. I could not see but I was fine other than that. They were coughing and carrying on.  After about 5 minutes the gas starts to burn and boy howdy my face was on fire, it got on my face, chest, stomach and arms, so once I was placed in the cell I went to wash it off, because it’s an oil base you just smear it around at first but as you use soup it comes off but the burn, now that stays for a while, even once the burn is gone and you go to sleep it comes back, Skin touching skin is bad for 2 days you will feel it and I did.

9th May 2011

I can tell this is going to be a long day.. Officer Seals came around asking about people going to rec and setting you up for what round you will go outside. 2 people out of F-Section at a time because there are 2 outside yards. It was set up with my neighbour to go out 3rd round.  Cool so I  go to sleep and wake up to a team coming on the pod. So I get up and see they had changed the Rec schedule all up. They did not put out the people who was scheduled to go out, they put my neighbour and Adams…  Well Mr Adams is protesting along with us, he tells th camera his issues as tey are packing him back to his cell, he gave a good speech they put out 2 more people. While these people are out, I find out that the Lt. has told the officers to not pull me out of my cell.  But the officer gives the excuse he’s checking into my Leg irons. 3rd round they skip me and put out Robert Will and Elijah Joubert. But before he goes out  we find out Officer Seals vr’d my comrade Youngs rec. Now that is bad way out of line and wrong. Not acceptable. The officer comes back and says Lt.Tolly did it. Lt.Tolly will make an issue or cause a problem just to come and fix it once the trouble gets started.  So he can say I fixed it.  Well it backfired on him cuz now both guys are laying it down and making the team pack them back to their cells. Now they put the section on Behavioural lock down” .  It should have never gone to that, but it did and know we are mad.!  3 officers got assaulted because of that, 2 had urine mixed with something else and It was just straight urine. FOUL VERY FOUL  all of it all because Lt. Tolly wants to take recs from people and cause problems!  Sad very sad,but its the law of parties gray takes from us gray pays from us. They use the law of parties against us so now we are using it against them. Its working too!!
by Will Speer

10TH MAY 2011

I am woke up to some banging. I go to the door and the 5 man team is taking my Comrade Christopher Young, down the stairs.  I holler  wha’ts up? Then I hear the Sgt. Timmons order him to walk to his newly assigned cell. Young refuses they roll him on his stomach and he looks up calling me Twin, as that is what we call each other..(hes black Im white) but we’ve had each others back for years) I see the hurt and pain in his eyes it kills me. My friend is taken away,, the shakedown team comes on the pod to pack his property.  As they are packing it up someone yells team on the pod, and they came to me, they are going to move me too. I tell them I need special hand cuffs due to my medical pass. The Sgt said No because I had slipped them I was to be placed in a set of regular cuffs, now I’m a big man 6’1 and 330lbs You have to force me in to them which hurts cuz it pulls my shoulders like they want to come out of place especially my right shoulder due to it being hurt in a use of force protest! and my wrist any amount of time in them cuts off the blood flow. That with the pressure is not nice. It’s painful to say the least! And then there is the leg iron issue, they want to put leg irons on me everywhere I go. Ok but the leg Iron is too small for my left ankle. Due to high blood pressure and poor blood circulation my legs swell up on me. So they have to force the iron on to my leg which hurts and cuts into my skin.  I’ve got scabs on both sides of my ankle because of this!  On 25th April 2011 I cuffed myself to the outside rec yard chin up bar in protest of medical and the inhumane conditions blood from me from 17th April in a MUOF  I cut my thumb on the screen and bleed just outside the rec yard door. There was a dead bird there too.

Il write about that stuff later, sorry yes I am way behind (smile)  But the point is we get no medical, they take our sick calls but we do not go anywhere, sick call after sick call nothing!  I was able to get a night shift Lt. to get me to medical, but there are no Dr at night so  nothing happens.

An officer told me and the nurse secenginer (or something like that) said we do not get to see Medical because we are acting up! Protesting because we are protesting we can not get medical help. I’ve been dealing with lower back pain, I believe i’s my kidneys but because I can urinate ok they do nothing. I will continue to protest and fight for myself and the betterment of all inmates.  I was moved to a cell in a section all by myself total isolation. This is to try and stop me protesting. I don’t think so buddy!!

11th may 2011

I see 2 people I believe to be from Huntsville outside my cell as the officers are feeding me, I tell them I want to talk to them. They act like they do not hear me and walk away. I wanted to talk to them and tell them why Officers are being assaulted, why we are having so many Use of Force’s.  Things are not right. They do not follow policy, If they did we would not have half as much problems that we do. But I did not know the officer broke the lock of my tray slot box and it needed to be fixed well. They came and fixe it alright. They put the lock on backwards, so the box would not open. It was locked closed. I find this out as they are going to feed me and can’t open. 2 hours later the Lt comes down and fixes the lock. Then 30-45 minutes later I get a tray. I won’t lie I wolfed it down as I was hungry.. watered down spaghetti.

12th May 2011

Just another day, the loneliness is getting in a little more now as there is no one here, so I sleep a little more and read a lot.  I just finished Excavation by James Rollins very good writer. I’ve read Amazonia and the Judas Strain both great books. I can’t wait to read more of his work.

Let’s see what the future holds—As the Protest Continues………

Maybe I’ll get to go to Medical

yeah Right!

Will speers

14th may 2011

OMG!!!!! I actually talked to a nurse today.  YES!!!!!  and she came to talk to me. So now maybe I might get something going on the medical front.

On the protest front it’s real quiet over here and that’s what they wanted to bust us up cuz “we feed off each other”  So this is their way of saying STOP.

The first shift will not pull me out of my cell, while all the rank is here they wait until night shift comes on, and nobody’s here to pull me out, any little thing to try and stop us.. I jack the run anyway as I’ve not had clean necessities in a week! and I needed some ibuprofen  for my back. Well guess what all of a sudden they go find the necessity  key and get me clean sheets and a towel and even got me some tooth brushes and tooth powder! How about that and the nurse got me some ibuprofen too!  IT DOES WORK The food has been hot here too. F-Pod food cart is just trash!  I know I said I’m on a section all by myself now, but also have been moved to A-Pod. So i know that does make a difference as this is their show pod.  Now I’m their prize display.  Don’t feed the Bear Extras!

Funday Monday is coming up! We’ll see what good stories there is to tell.

Smile, and peace, joy and happiness to you all.

Always with my best to you and yours


Will Speer 999398
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