25th May 2011

          I am out on the rec yard thinking of how I am going to protest today. My legs are swollen and hurting, I can get no medical help they put the off and put me off, and as I’m walking around the Rec Yard (Outside F-POD) (On Monday Level 3 and 2’s do rec restriction). The guy on the other side, kicks a dead bird to my side of the rec.yard as there is a metal divider of heavy duty mesh and bars. I said, that’s still out here?

          I protested on the 17th and talked of that very issue, Unsanitary conditions! They do not clean the Rec.yard at all only when they are made to do it. Stating they do not have enough help. Well they will not allow US to go out and clean it, so we NEED someone else to. Yet they ignore it. So at the end of my rec.after I stripped out. I pulled my left arm bacn in once the officer put one of the hand restraints on it. “wow look at that, how did that get there big smile. Ive made up my mind my protest is handcuffing myself to the chin up bar. Sgt Vagina (swine oops thats what the inmates call him) Sgt valentine came out there with the team all suited up to gas me. He ordered me to submit the hand restraints. Knowing I could not comply with that order because they wanted to gas me, but because I was not able to comply with the order, they came out with the spray can of gas and told me if I resisted I would be gassed. The team came over to the chin up bar and held my arms as a 5th officer uncuffed one side and pulled them behind my back. They then kneed me down and began putting leg restraints on my legs, Due to my high blood pressure and poor circulation my left leg is so swollen the leg irons do not fit.

            So what do they do, they force the too small leg irons on me hurting me. Something serious! I could not walk due to the discomfort and pain. They laid me on my side put me in a basket to carry me. They then placed me up on a gurney and wheeled me into the pod.  I was giving a speech on why I was protesting naming Issues! Like abuse of authority, Unsanitary conditions, poor medical help, that we don’t even get. Food loafs being used as punishment. (Food loaf) is to be the same food on the tray just in a loaf. Well they were only fixing corn bread and mixed vegetables with slivers of salami every now and then. Yet when we bring it to the attention of the officer well that’s what they sent for you, Rank says “I’ll look into it.  I wrote I-60 (inmate request forms to the kitchen capt.Jolly again “I’ll look into it”. Yet nothing is ever done!  So on we protest.  But back to me being packed back to my cell they lift me off the gurney in he basket and carry me up the stairs. Once at my door they set the basket down, lift me out of it and when the Lt. wanted to cut off my clothes!!!! I said “I’ve already been searched  ask Sgt Belhap he was there and don’t you know he said “I didn’t see! I was so mad he stood right there and lied. How did I get the cuffs if I had not been searched, so they humiliated me forced my shorts down to see my front and back lifted my shirt to see front and back and dug all in my underarms.

             Then put me back in the basket and carried me into my cell. Officer Riley is a Cluts!

             As he stands up some how he knocks off my table 2 small cups of juice, I large cup of juice and a tray of food all on to the floor. They roughed me up pretty good in the cell hurt my right shoulder and my legs then they leave.

             That is the most painful UOF I had ever been in, and I never resisted.

The protest continues!!