Ghost stories from Death row

13th - 14th JULY 2011

04/11/2011 10:08
13th July 2011 It was around 6.50pm I was laying down trying to nap until mail call, well as I laid there, I didn't feel asleep but I had a real sluggish feeling and my vision was not working properly and I heard someone call my name Big Will, the voice seemed kind of far but yet I Knew the...

23rd JUNE 2011

04/11/2011 10:11
 23rd June 2011 Here it's 1:25pm I just finished writing a letter and was grabbing the old envelope folding it up to throw away (one I took the address off of course) and there at the door as I look that way a shadow moves by the door. I saw it underneath the door through the crack where...

7th JUNE - 12TH JUNE 2011

04/11/2011 10:13
I have so many little things that have happened in the past, I could not even come close to remembering then all. I never really felt this place was haunted. But paranormal activities have gone on for along time. What you believe in or what I believe can be called this by some or that by others...

25th DEC 2011

14/01/2012 19:28
25th Dec 2011 I still see things pass by my cell door then look to find nothing there, but I've seen officers grey uniforms pass by too I know officer Woods, killed himself in the unit parking lot and a lot of other officers have passed away maybe they still walk the runs?   10:00 Am,...
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