25th DEC 2011

14/01/2012 19:28

25th Dec 2011

I still see things pass by my cell door then look to find nothing there, but I've seen officers grey uniforms pass by too I know officer Woods, killed himself in the unit parking lot and a lot of other officers have passed away maybe they still walk the runs?


10:00 Am, Im laying on my mat on my back with a thermal shirt over my eyes, half a sleep when I feel pressure on both sides of my face and head, like a cat was on my face then all of a sudden I couldnt breath, just as I was about to panic raised my arms I opened my eyes and breathed in, I say a cat cux in my sleep, that is what I thought of was a cat! Good thing im too big for SIDS!!, it scared me I hate not being able to breath, it reminded me of being a little boy and my step dad was smothering me with a pillow! He said he was playing but I couldnt breathe and I've always remembered that. Then as I grew up he hated me

scary stuff,