7th JUNE - 12TH JUNE 2011

04/11/2011 10:13

I have so many little things that have happened in the past, I could not even come close to remembering then all. I never really felt this place was haunted. But paranormal activities have gone on for along time. What you believe in or what I believe can be called this by some or that by others but what I write here is true not fiction or something I made up! I have never seen a ghost perse of someone I knew but I have seen all types of things that are well not exactly explained. I used to just dismiss it but whatever it is it's real.

  1. Like there have been a number of times I will feel someone is watching me but when I look up nobody is there. Yet I still feel it.
  2. I know of times I have been sitting at my table writing and feel someone looking at me and in my parifial vision I see someone at the door but when I look up nobody is there.
  3. I have seen shadows pass by my door. One time I was facing towards the door and I saw a shadow pass by under the door but nothing in front of the door as there is a crack that light shines through under the door.
  4. I have heard things, people or someone call my name Speer and nobody heard it but me,that happened just the other day. I believe it was saturday. I was laying down almost about to go to sleep when I hear 2 knocks on the plexiglass window I look and nobodys there, So I lay back down nd look at my watch its around 8pm then I go to sleep I wake up around 9.30 and go to the bathroom and as Im laying back down I heard my name called but No body was there.
  5. In 2006 I took some pills and they allowed me to hear and see things. On 2 separate occasions, one night I did not see anything but I did hear, as I walked passing my cell I kept hearing someone calling me I could hear laughter but when I holler nobody’s calling me, I feel its spirits of the dead. It may have been my mind, but I really felt I knew it was the dead spirits. It was 4 – 5 months later I was in my cell and there is something you do with your vision to see a magic eye (A magic eye is a picture that does not look what its 3d image shows) Well there was an area in the middle of my wall, it was all nice and white, well I looked at it and let my vision alter as if I was looking at a magic eye and a couple things happened. One I saw this TV/movie image on the wall and it was only in white, grey, black and blue not other color. It was fast forward as I could see the people and things but they were moving so fast I could not make out what they looked like or what they were doing, but the part that got me was the cloud people, ok I'm laying on my back hands folded across my chest and feet crossed over each other. Well as I laid there I could see the shape of 2 figures both had the shape of people humans, but they had no features like they were made of smoke or clouds. I was at my left as if his legs went through the bunk the other was at my right down by my feet they were moving their arms in a way that looked like they were swimming and my vision kept clouding over as if my cell was filling up with fog. But my breathing was fine and when I would blink it would go away then start all over again. I had one feeling that If I allowed them to totally fog over my vision and let go as if to not resist I would have died, So I would resist and blink. 2 days later I tried to take myself to that point again and well I O.D'ed fell out and have never tried that again. But since then It's like something was unlocked because from time to time I'l see shimmers or auras sometimes its just like a smokey wisp others will be of human figure, most always clear, like from a heat wave. I can concentrate and see things (I just never do)
  6. Up until may 10th I had not really had any poltergeist type things happen. I say not really because I always blew it off. Like something on my table all of a sudden fall to the floor, or something fall off the sink, a picture get knocked down or just fall down, I always counted it as gravity but not any more. I know a lot of things that I have seen have happened on A-Pod and I live on B section next to death watch. On A pod and its stronger. Well for one thing I was in my cell and I could feel the negative, black, evil aura or where that was just radiating from that section. It kind of creeped me out. Then I went to rec and passed by it and it was gone no bad feeling at all. But here is the poltergeist I was talking to a guy over the run hollering really to another section when the toilet in 21 cell flushed. Drowning out the guy, and my first thought was thats rude then I snapped, nobody lives there, so my mind was races did they put someone in the cell when I was not looking, No cuz I'm the only one they feed. I blew it off , 2 days later an officer asked me is this place haunted and I said well No not really because I was always dismissing everything but I did say what I had seen in short with shadows and seeing people and then them not being there. I was by 2 suicides, I wrote alittle about one R.Neal but thats something else.

Well that night I notice toilet flushing on my section and NOBODY lives here but me! My paranoia said the officers were setting me up. But the next day we went on lockdown and they put inmates in the cells to hold them there, everythin was fine, so now I'm confused so what do I do, I blow it off, and guess what, that night I heard more toilets flushing these are the times and dates and thoughts I put down and maybe what I was doing I started making a log for a few days

7th June 2011

8.36pm Reading Charles Dickens Hard Times, and a toilet on 2 row flushes 3 times back to back to back!
8.38pm A toilet flushes on 2 row. Officers are doing showers on the other side of the pod.
8.44pm Toilet flushed close above me.
8.45pm Toilet flushed farther away
8.49pm Toilet flush far away.
9.05pm Toilet flushed and ran for 2 full flushes.

I stopped paying attention for a while then. I didn't hear anything for almost 2 hours until 11.47pm flush.

8th June 2011

12.00 Flush 30 seconds later, again but closer
12.02 Flush
01.01am Back to back flushes
01.02am flush but close above me.
01.02am Flush again close then nothing until 3.01am and 3.02am Flush then I did not hear it any more until

9th June 2011

11.47pm 2 flushes back to back.

10th June 2011

9.19pm Far away while I'm drawing
9.20pm The same
11.40pm I was thinking earlier its been a while since I've heard something then theres 2 flushes
11.46pm Far.

11th June 2011

12.06am False alarm (smile) another section.
12.46am Some time it's hard to tell where its coming from.
12.48am The closest has been within 3 cells on 1 row and maybe kitty corner above me but never above me or beside me?
12.51am close
12.58am close
5.03am Haven't heard anything maybe I missed it, maybe they sleep.
5.41am I brush my teeth and get ready for bed,oh no there they are, weird very weird
9.04pm 2 flushes,as the 2nd flush was finishing another toilet flushed.

I wonder why they don't blink the lights? If they can flush a toilet why not push a light button. Maybe they only to get my attention. Creepy, spooky weird. Back to drawing.

9.12pm One flush then the next one to it flushed
9.50pm Flush I never hear a flush when an officer is on the section, only time right after they left through the cross over!

12th June 2011

9.57 Hello where are you? I say why don't you flush my toilet? Why don't you flush a cell next to me.

The voice in my head said, cuz they are not flushing them! The one that makes me dismiss al of it! But I know I am hearing toilets flush clear as can be! 10.57 Flush.I quit logging the flushing toilets!
I'm thinking is this place haunted or is it just me!!!

I think Haunted! Who knows what you might read about next time, I have to write down what Taylor told me after they killed G-Man spooky. Did I write about the Drop of water on my back and that I thought was Tiny's tear? Yet when I touched my back, nothing was there!
By Will Speer