13th - 14th JULY 2011

04/11/2011 10:08

13th July 2011
It was around 6.50pm I was laying down trying to nap until mail call, well as I laid there, I didn't feel asleep but I had a real sluggish feeling and my vision was not working properly and I heard someone call my name Big Will, the voice seemed kind of far but yet I Knew the voice or I felt familiar with it but could not quite pin who's voice it was and then I was up on a balcony looking out into like a haze of Darkness there as a presence a form, yet without form, like a light a presence of energy. I felt familiar with it and then I knew somehow someone was coming then. I snapped out of the daze. I laid there thinking of what just happened trying to think of how to put into words what I saw and then the door popped and an officer came through checking on me and I thought, is that who I knew was coming? I don't know who that familiar light of energy was but I wonder Tiny....I just wonder.

14th July 2011
Around 7.45pm I had just finished reading book 3 in the (shadow of the apt) series and was laying there, when I went to cross my leg over my knee, I saw the small form of someone on their hands and knees with their head down raising their head to look up, then I blinked and it was gone! Now thats a little spooky but what ever it was I saw something !

Will Speer 2011 A.Pod 19 cell 12 bld