16th-18th May 2011

16th May 2011

Funday Monday – Turned out to be not so much fun. As Steven Woods has joined the protest. But that is a good thing, what is bad is he is going on a Hunger strike to kill himself. Steven Wood is a friend of mine so that hurts me to know he is doing that to himself. See I know he will go through with it. In early 2007 he did a hunger strike and went 27 days it almost killed him then as his body began to shut down on him. He has hep.c  and his kidneys are already damaged from his life style before coming to Death Row. I am for sacrifice as Sacrifices is the only way change will come. But to forfeit ones life goes beyond my belief. Again this is my friend not just some inmate.  To me Death is not the answer. Yes I have changed my point of view and even wrote about it. As it only causes more pain,more victims. Not even for the man who abused me and killed my Mother. But that is something else.

Please help me, help us! I am very worried about Steve!

16th May 2011 Day 2

I am away from him, so my update may be slow.  Also I had  a Minor UOF (Use of Force) Done on me by Officer Sperlock who forced  my arms behind my back in such a way as to hurt me. It was not documented as a UOF. This was done at my cell door.

17th May 2011

Officer Floyd had a minor UOF on me to put me in hand restraints again twisting my arms behind my back hurting me. Again not Documented (at my cell door)

18th May 2011

LT. Helm had a minor UOF on me to put me in hand restraints, pulling my arms behind my back in such a way as to hurt me. Again not documented
(at my cell door)

***Please Note Latest update****

Steven Wood has now come off of his hunger strike

Steven has an execution date of  13th September 2011

******STEVEN WAS EXECUTED 13TH SEPT 2011******