20TH May 2011

20th May 2011

Well today I was flat out denied a shower because the Sgt. knew he was going to have a UOF (protest) My main protest is medical.  Each of us have issues that affect us more than others. But we have united to protest them all. Sgt. Grigsby came with the 2-Pod officers to pull me out for a shower. But before it got to that. I read the UOF police on the use of restraints.

The Procedure Reads:

Physical or mechanical restraint may be used to enforce agency policy and procedure, which includes the following situations. However, restraints shall not be used in such a way that is more confining than requird by the circumstances nor shall it be used as discipline. Due consideration must be given to the comfort and welfare of an offender, commensurate with an adequate degree of safety and level of restraint.

a.     Appropriate situations in which to restrain an offender.

5. When escorting administrative segregation, solitary or death row

     offenders, in accordance with post order (POJ-07,006 “segregation


In the legal case Hudson v Mc Millian it talks about, there is a (routine discomfort) when placed in restraints.

Because of my size a single set of cuffs and normal (e.g irons) are too small. So to put me in them is painful. Think of it like this, Put your arms behind your back as far as you can, then have someone twist them even farther and restrain them like that.  My right shoulder feels like it is being pulled out of place just by walking like that.

So now we come back to the shower issue, Sgt. Grigsly sees and understands I need double cuffs minimum. But still refused to put me in anything more . He said his hands are tied and I said, even after you have seen policy that tells you otherwise, he said “Yes! It is a form of torture and it is a violation of my 8th Amendment against cruel and unusual punishment. Because that “Is” what is being done.

The Admin is using restraints as a punishment to try to curb or stop my protesting. I talk to Lt. Cabines he said, the reason they removed my medical pass was they showed the video of me handcuffing myself to the chin up bar and if i was that limber I did not need a medical pass. Now this is typical TDC for you.  What does me being able to lift my hands up over my head have to do with me putting them behind my back which is what my pass was for.

This is another reason we are protesting, you show the policy to the and they still do what they want until someone  “Out There” makes them do what is right.

What is sad is the Admin has taken things to a level of being personal. They are not doing what is right out of spite and that is what is th real travesty of it all.  So do we quit, ….I just don’t think so buddy!!!! Smile  I am about Sacrifice, so I will continue. I am not a horse to be broke I am hard headed and I’ve got a little spite in me too. So I will continue out of spite as well.

Until Next time