2nd June 2011

         Here I was in pain putting on a good show of being happy and actually I was, because yesterday I got to see a Doctor, I thought we had made some real progress.. He put me on 800 mg of Ibuprofen, 3 times a day. Big help there, but, it doesn’t tell us why I’m having this pain. I am to have some lab work one. I know he is going to check my potassium levels before he puts me on that pill.

         On my Blood pressure when I had just got out of bed and went to medical was 160/77 and an 86 pulse, Now to me those are the best numbers I’ve had in a long time, but, I had just got out of bed too. So I wonder how much it goes up after I’ve been up for a while and my leg swells up and all that good stuff, and he said he was renewing my restraints. So I asked the nurse when do I get my pass and she told me Oh there is a problem with that I go Huh?  she said, Yeah the “Rank” and I’m like what? so she walks off saying she doesn’t have any control over it.

         What we have here is a failure to communicate! Some people you just can’t reach , Security says it’s a medical issue, so I go to medical to fix the issue 22 days it took but ok and now Medical tells me is security WTF!!!!

Deep sigh!!! we shall see.