June 8th 2009-F-Pod


June 8th 2009 Monday
F-Pod Polunsky Unit.

My name is William Speer and I’ll tell you a little of what is going on here on F-Pod (Level 3)

I woke up at 9.02:am to the dayroom hollering my name Big Will. He told me I had a kite (note/message on paper)  So I sent my line to the dayroom it’s hard cause the doors are sealed up real good, so if anything is thicker than a legal pad you wont get it and then some cells are even less than that.

so I send my line pick up the kite but while I’m doing that I see the rank with a gas mask going out to the outside rec. yard and then I hear the pop of the first can of Gas then I hear a 2nd pop the Smokey gas quickly fills the yard and begins to come in the door.  In to F-Section/pod area. The 5 man extraction team is there by the door waiting.  The Sgt. waves his arm and the rec.yard gate is popped gas still pouring in and the team goes in.

Contact is made with the Inmate, Once the inmate is down he does not struggle he is stripped of all clothing on the ground checked and then boxers are put back on the inmate, he’s cuffed, shackled and told to walk. He refuses to walk in protest!  He is Christopher Young protesting because his family/Mother was taken off his visitation list. They will not tell him why so he may properly grieve the issue.  for over 6 months he tried the only thing he was able to learn was “for security reasons” he can’t grieve security so he protests.

They carry him back to his cell, he’s shouting “I want to see my Momma” “I will continue to do this until I get to see My mama”  Once he is at the door he stands up and they take pictures front and back! They put him back in his cell remove the cuffs and shackles. The nurse ask if there are any injuries? He said No

All that time the Use of Force is over. They leave, he cleans up, we talk alittle, laugh, mess with him over who was on the team and settle back down for chow.

Lunch is beans in a tortilla, beans, corn that modified corn) I don’t like how it taste, and 2 spoons of hot sauce, then there’s burnt Mexican rice. 

I’m told Il be going out with John Quintenlla. So I get ready. I’ve got my list of issues and I go to Rec, with the intention of protesting. Making them gas me and extract me.