Big 50

Written 2008/09
Here I sit thinking about Big 50, he was someone on D.R that I met and became cool with but, really beyond that he was very respectful and kind. I know nothing of his case but, I know his character as time passed his actions as with us all our actions speak louder than any words. I cared for him and now he is dead another victim of the State. They call it justice but, it’s never about justice: it’s about revenge.  Someone being hurt and wanting to hurt someone else but, not only that there is not a standard to the political game what is played one would think that DR has worst of the worst, but that is not true, sure there are some very gruesome cases people on DR have but,  there are people I’ve met and know on G.P  who have cases so awful people around me look like boy scouts. I do not say that under minding anyone’s death, as life is precious, but to elaborate on the political game D.A’s and special  prosecutors have in picking and choosing who they seek death or do not seek death for, how is it in one case the State focuses age as an issue. Yet life is beyond age how can you choose an old over a young, or a young over a middle aged person, or a man over a girl or woman over a boy or any other combination, simple you can’t but, that is part of the game the State plays.

My point to all this is, I am just as much a victim of the State as  someone’s family is a victim of a crime because my tears and pain for losing a friend hurt no less than theirs! I am human and people on Death row are human, when the state kills one of us, it is just as painful as any loved one and that pain the state calls justice. I pray we all will receive comfort and that our pain of loss is short.

Peace and regards to you all.

Will Speers