5TH JANUARY 2009-Thanyou Brother



Good evening its 6:42pm January 9th 2009.

             I wanted to stop everything and write a few lines about how we are treated here by these officers. Most of them are cold, hard, and emotionless to us. They come by and just call you your cell number “50 cell You going to Rec?” “50 cell you going to the shower?” “50 cell you eating chow?”, stuff like that, hardly ever are you called by your name. Most other times it’s just being your number.
                Well there’s this new older officer he brought me back from visit the other day and was not the same stern cold officer like the rest, he chatted about who I visited and chatted the other officer even made a joke at the gate where a Sgt. was closing it he tried to stop it and we walked on smiling and laughing. Well i was stripped then searched and taken on to my cell. Then tonight it’s late as 2nd shift is feeding our food (chow time) well they ran out of trays just before they got to me, so that new officer had to go get me one. So I waited, then he came up to my cell and said “here you go brother” I was shocked but, before he could walk away I said thank you!  That’s something to add to me 18 years and never are we treated as an equal, another human being to them. That made me feel very good and made me smile! And then when they came to pick up trays he said “thank you! to every person who gave him a tray as he passed their cell.  I smiled again then turned as I thought abut that man, that Officer. My smile faded cause I know he will not last they will change him or they will run him off. Just like they did Mr.Wood and that saddens me until they do, Keep on being you!

Thank You Brother
By Will speer. 2009.