5th JANUARY 2009


5th January 2009

Greetings and Good Morning! 

                 Here it is another morning, A little cold here too! I was woke up to  bam bam (banging on my door) 50 cell, you want necessities?! Me half awake Yeah.... I need a towel.  I wash most other stuff only sheets and towel is all I turn in. Socks, boxers, face towel, all that I was oh my jumper too..  But I just exchanged my jumper for another new one... Man  it’s smaller cuz when I went to button it up it was tight on my belly (: and then if that’s not bad enough as I bent down to go out to my visit the seem in the crotch pops!!! I’m like NO!!  my eyes got big I just knew that was bad but it was ok no tears only excess threat weeewww!! J

                  I have put on weight though as a guy down the run spreads all the time and he sends me tacos good good good !!!  I make some good tacos too all kinds. I even make tamales jumbo not those little ones they take way too long to make, but I’m thinking I will be making some here before too  long, but just the other day I made some for Christmas even though it was after xmas and I shared them with 3 guys and they all loved them one buddy who I call “Yes” was telling me he’s going to buy the stuff on commissary so I’ll make some more that made me feel good as I laughed and said Oh yeah! He was then saying Oh I didn’t mean it like that...But it’s all good cuz they were good. I am waiting on Commissary today so that will be a good thing as I’m out of stamps again... Well mostly out of everything!! Not much coming though I got a whole wopping $12 for Christmas from a German group!!! That guy that has been spreading with me has alot of help and that’s another reason he’s doing it cause he can, well and then it does help to be good people (Smile) He’s going to be buying some art work from me to help me too, so thats good cuz I was robbed of some I had done for Christmas the guy got himself moved grrrrrr I sure needed that money for Christmas it made a bunch of my cards and letters late!! I just need to focus better... I’ve been selling chicken trays to help myself too, my neighbour loves his chicken, hey whatever works, but anyway 2009 is going to be an Awesome year, good things are happening and they will keep on happening J my love to all and a very happy 2009 to you?

Always with my best, Keep your head up and stay strong!