Well I’m an awesome guy to know and if you don’t believe me just ask me and I’ll tell you so! (smile)         

                   Hiiiiii, as I wave my hand very shyly looking down at the ground sort of kicking at nothing with my foot.  I look up see your face looking at me and I smile a nice smile a warm smile a smile that pulls you in and lets you know it’s ok and safe.
                   I’m working on 21 flat years of being locked up Yet, I really don’t feel locked up, I feel confined to my area--- my cell—but not locked up. Maybe its because I’m used to it now.. Ive lived in a small cell 7 x 9 for 14 years. Single cell with 13 guys around me.  But as I write this I live all by myself in a section with NOBODY but me and the ghost--- I’ll write about them late though (smile)

                    I was locked up when I was 16 years old. They certified me as a adult and when I was 17  they sent me to prison for the rest of my life.
Will’s Story talks more on that. And what has lead me to where I am today. A person, a voice crying out to be heard, looking for people to come into my life and be a part of my life—be my friend, be my happiness and joy, be my eyes and ears to what I can’t see and hear beyond these concrete walls! Be more than just a piece of paper I get in the mail!  Become part of my world by letting me in yours.

                I love to laugh and talk trash playing around. I have a controlling dominating side of me. Sometimes I’m even childish but not so much anymore, but, I do have my days. I try to be more understanding. Which leads me to my 5 points I have about my friends, those I call friends are just that I do not use that word loosely.

1.      Communication, we have got to speak our minds and feelings as we are not mind readers... (all the time)
2.      Understanding, sometimes shit just happens and things fall apart or do not go as planned.
3.      Dependability  and
4.      Reliability, they both go hand in hand. I am in a helpless situation here. I can’t work, people have to take care of me. I do not have unreasonable expectations on people. I only expect what you say you can do, you will do. I try to live by that, if I tell you I will, I mean it. Say what you mean and mean what you say.  I learned that from my father.
5.      Perspective, my favourite word. Well besides individually lol. But yes without keeping things in proper perspective no matter what you do it will fail.

I apply those 5 points to my friendships and relationships to help myself from being hurt and let down. I am big on respect. Respect peoples space and property, But I am also very harsh on disrespect. Disrespect my property or me and there is consequences.

Here is a story an analogy if you will of who I am or who I believe I am

            It was early one morning and 2 bulls were out in the pasture when out came farmer John, got into his truck, hooked up his trailer and off he went. He was gone a better part of the day, when he comes back. And stuffed in his trailer from front to back is a Bull. Well Farmer John, lets down that tailgate with a load blam!!  and out comes one of the biggest meanest toughest looking bulls you have ever seen in your life. This thing is chewing up dirt as it claws at the ground, snorting fire and kicking up all types of dust.

             And then all of a sudden out in the pasture you hear a roar as one of the bulls starts to stomp and kick up dust out there. And thats when the other bull tells me ARE YOU CRAZY MAN! That bull will kill us both. And the other bull says back Shit I’, just trying to let him know I’m a bull too!

           So you see I’m not trying to be the biggest baddest  bull but, just know that I am bull too!  Hell, most of the time I pull for the underdog.

           I am a Houston Texas FOOTBALL FAN!!!  and yes! I’m a Houston Astros (baseball) fan too,  Told you I pull for the Underdog! Big Smile. I just got into Nascar a couple years ago, and I’m loving it... Denny Hemlin II and Tony Stewart 14 are my favourite Drivers. But there are plenty who I have respect for. And then there are some so over rated its not even funny  Cough; cough; Jr! Cough cough;

            More about me I’m a Libra, I need my balance otherwise I’m all messed up I’m also a Tiger 1974. My favourite colors are blue and red. Numbers are 3 & 7  6 & 13  9 & 4.  I like the number 9 because its the last song on the beatles “white” album and 4 because everything is four. See everything is ten letters, three letters = four letters  no matter what you come up with, it will always come down to 4.

             Ive never drank legal alcohol my first case in prison was for wine/being drink. I’m a virgin, Well I’ve never been with a woman physically.  Im into RPG’s and have been since I was 11. I was introduced to the card game magic the gathering in 08 that was like paper crack.  I draw—but I’m a moody artist, If I’m not feeling it. I do not want to do it. I love scenery Pictures, Big cats, Tigers, and Jaguars are my favourite. Waterfalls, white sandy beaches, rainbow and tribal art.

               Music, I am all over the board where but anything that is up beat and gets me going is fine by me.. I haven’t listened to a radio since Dec 2010 they took it and I’ve not been able to get a new one yet.

                TV, lol I have not seen a T.V show since 1997 July. Texas Death Row is the only Death row they do not allow T.V’s Even the woman get T.V’s but not men!

                 I am not racial, but I am very prejudice! I hate stupid people, I’m big on character.

               I have love and lost, had my heart ripped out a few times. But as the saying goes it’s better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.  I am a very caring man so it’s easy for me to love people, but for me to fall in love again will take a lot of work. I’ll be honest I’m scared of that pain it hurts too bad. I had a very special person tell me fall in love as often as you can, but I can’t I’m just not made up that way.  I am a hopeless romantic though. A friend of mine was going to college and thee was a love survey they had to do for a class, Well most men scored in the 60’s as an average, I scored in the 80’s. Maybe it has to do with me never being physical with a woman? Or maybe it’s cuz I have been locked up all these years? Or maybe it’s cuz I listen and pay attention to whats being told to me?   Or I’m just totally DAFT as I was recently called and it’s all just a great big Illusion!

                 Cashews are my favourite nut, But I like the spicy peanuts they sell on commissary too. My favourite fruit is Kiwi, and Bananas. Love most all food. I  hate Grapefruit, greens, yams, and liver is not on the hate list but I don’t like too much. Most anything fried is going to be good. I eat sweets but I’m not a big sweets type of person and plain chocolate is not all that to me.  I’ll drink most all sodas but at visit I have to do the Dew! mountain Dew, it reminds me of mellow yellow from when I was  a little boy.

                  I love to read a good book, especially a good fantasy or action thriller. But I like authors who take factual things and write a story with those things in it. Like James Rollins super about that. Dan Brown another one. Ive read alot of Dan Browns books, still got a lot of James Rollins I need to get.

                   I do not get any family support! The only family who have anything to do with me is my Aunt Pat and Uncle David, and my sister Melissa.  My Mother has passed away, as my Step Father killed her. Randy is now doing 99 years in prison.  Read (Wills Story) My father is in Iraq being a truck driver over there. We just do not get along. I’ve never been able to have his respect and without respect he treated me well abusive.  The best man I have ever known was my Pa-Paw, (Grandfather) Frank Waskow.

May you Rest in Peace Pa-Paw

He passed away in 2007 from cancer.  The Best woman I have ever known is my Aunt Pat, she is sick and not able to come see me.  Please get better soon. I miss you.

                     I love my coffee, I don’t smoke, only left handed cig’s.

                     Religion: No thank you, I’m still Black and Blue from the last Bible thumping! But Yes I do believe in God and I do pray especially when I get into trouble.  If you are not trying to be a part of my life and support me, be there for me when I need you, then I don’t want to get to know you. And I do not want to be preached at. I want to be loved and cared for not feed a line of guilt and shame. I live with enough on my own.  I don’t need you coming to me making me feel bad while you make yourself feel self righteous cuz you did your good deed. Don’t plant any seeds in me until  I see your fruit then if I want your seeds I’ll ask for them until then just love me and care for me.  Besides I like playing on the Darkside, they have cookies (?) LMAO!! ok I’m sorry, I’m not trying to offend anybody Just get to know me before you share a scripture down my throat. Try a cookie or a pie or some chips and soda first.

Well thas all about Will for Now.

If you would like to write to Will, please write to him at the following address

Polunsky Unit D/row
3872 FM 350 South
Texas 77351