AN OPEN LETTER 06/10/2011
I am writing to you because I am protesting Issues here on Texas Death Row. The stress and anxiety overwhelmed me and now I stand in protest.  I have laid down, I have subjected myself to Gas and I have grieved the issues. I have a voice that is crying out to be heard, I will fight and protest bu I need help from out there to let the voices of Death Row be heard.

Will you help me? or help me find someone to help me? HELP US!  I do not just protest for myself but for the betterment of Texas Death Row. Until it is abolished. There are others that are fighting this battle but T.D.C.J keep it’s foot on us to silence our protest. So they can say  “What Issues”? They do not care so I fight and press on to find someone who does care and will help!

Again if you can not help Please! Help me find someone who will Help

I know Death Row has bad people and that hurts, but Death Row also has good people who should not be here and that is worth fighting for!

Together we stand Divided we fall!

Sincerely Will