17th Feb 2012

Polunsky unit, Texas Death row, updates, as from 17th february, received thursday 23rd february

A few guys got cases against them for passing sardines, (can you believe such crap), plus this particular gentleman who got a case did not even do it, plus they wrote up all 2 row 78-84 with the same case, same wording same time, so how can this be, the particular gentleman whom sent me the info, said he doesnt even like sardines, so he does not even buy them.l

They found the bag of them in the D-Day room, his words were, I know i live in F Section on 2 row, the Damn sardines didnt even come off 2 row yet we ALL GOT CASES, total bullshit!!! I am not happy, i thought thats what the ffing cameras were for right!! IM just shaking my head in disgust, really the rank told the officer to write us all up because the guys in the day room would not snitch and tell them where they came from.