04/11/2011 10:34



Here I sit to write you this,

My heart is heavy and my mind is hazy,

Thoughts they come and they go

Emotions are like time ever changing

I seem to find the extreme

No Middle, No medium only

Hot or Cold, Happy or Sad.


Here I sit to write you this

At times I laugh and smile, until it hurts

At times I am saddened I feel as though my heart will burst

Can One find it in money,

Can one find it in fame

None of these will keep me sane.

Here I sit to write you this

Love is what I long for

Love is the answer to my pain

Love can break my chains

Lov is what I need

Yet I fear what I want can not be obtained

So I search for contentment

I must Drive and strive to keep what I have

obtained or forever go insane

Here I sit to write you this

I am a child in a man’s body

I am a man in a Child’s world

I can express myself in actions and words

or close my mouth and never be heard

These things can have a rhyme or no reason

Yet, I write them all for the same reason

To express thought and feelings.

It is both happy and sad

Pleasure spiked with pain.

Here I sit to write you this

it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round,

this I have heard yet I only see people running around

We all search for treasures galore

We all want wings to soar,

life is ground when you leave friends hand in hand

These are the thoughts of a dying man

Who wants love and friends who will be there in the end

By William Speer  21st June 2003

(my Mom’s birthday)