04/11/2011 10:41


Written by Robert Hudson
executed 2008
As the moon dawns
in an endless sky
can we actually see heaven
with the naked eye?
Or dose the sky have a ceiling
The universe an end?
A point where you come to a door
but afraid to walk in

The soul constantly searches
for the meaning of life
The body constantly searches
for fun and delights
The mind constantly tries
to find balance for the two
to become one with oneself
is not easy to do.

The search for infinity
In a finite world is like
Trying to find an oyster
with the perfect black pearl
I look for things
As I search for my own soul
for the meaning of Life
the Ultimate goal

I’ve asked women, men
I’ve asked our God above
Why are we such slaves?
of our fears and our loves
Our vices, devices,
gadgets and tricks
fears and hates
seem to tell us this.

To become one with onself
Once must obtain a level of
un-selfish giving of the
bread on the table
of the wine in the glass
and the knowledge to see
and the wisdom to define
what all of this means.

The Journey is not yours and yours alone
The journey is ours for we all want to go home

Poem by Robert Hudson