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Fed Habeas

16/07/2012 13:28
Things are Moving in Will speers case in his Fed Habeas, he will write more in his next letter about this,

25th DEC 2011

14/01/2012 19:28
25th Dec 2011 I still see things pass by my cell door then look to find nothing there, but I've seen officers grey uniforms pass by too I know officer Woods, killed himself in the unit parking lot and a lot of other officers have passed away maybe they still walk the runs?   10:00 Am,...


04/11/2011 10:44
SAIL As I lay here my mind sails and my heart soars Dreams are born, thoughts gone wild Love is at hand, Deny never never land Pitched in the wishing well my feelings swell To be bold and strong, Dominate and master. You will sacrifice the slave faster To lift up the weak and adore the...


04/11/2011 10:43
SAD Darkness and Misery, these are the things that haunt me, and leave me shaking. Violence and Murder are the offspring of pain, in my ears I hear the violins shaming. Emotions of joy and love, never are your wishes to bring. Only revenge and hate, are what you...


04/11/2011 10:41
A TRAVELERS PRAYER Written by Robert Hudson executed 2008   As the moon dawns in an endless sky can we actually see heaven with the naked eye? Or dose the sky have a ceiling The universe an end? A point where you come to a door but afraid to walk in The soul constantly...


04/11/2011 10:39
PASSION The Beauty that is in your visage Radiance of loveliness in your eyes. The softness and elegance of your cheeks Grace and delicacy lie within the curves of your lips, Where the taste of sweetness is so delightfully exquisite. I find myself yearning for your touch to...


04/11/2011 10:36
FREEDOM IN YOU I am so lonely without you Yearning for you, desiring you My heart beats for you My soul longs for you My Dreams fly with you, Wanting to hold you and kiss you. Snuggle with you To feel your breath against my neck To feel the softness of your lips and...


04/11/2011 10:34
HERE I SIT   Here I sit to write you this, My heart is heavy and my mind is hazy, Thoughts they come and they go Emotions are like time ever changing I seem to find the extreme No Middle, No medium only Hot or Cold, Happy or Sad.   Here I sit to write you...


04/11/2011 10:32
  IN THE NAME OF LOVE   Written by Will in 2007 In the name of love I have smiled In the name of Love, I have cried In the name of love, I have been strong In the name of love, I have been weak In the name of love, I have risen to my feet In the name of love,...

7th JUNE - 12TH JUNE 2011

04/11/2011 10:13
I have so many little things that have happened in the past, I could not even come close to remembering then all. I never really felt this place was haunted. But paranormal activities have gone on for along time. What you believe in or what I believe can be called this by some or that by others...
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